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Task 1. Giving Opinions about College life. Consider the following questions:
1. How do you like your university?
R= Well, I like of my university the structure and the technology.
2. How many subjects are you taking this semester?
R= 5
3. What is your major? Why did you choose your major? Do you have any regrets?
R= Informatic Engineering, I Take it, Because I would like to participate in the development of a software someday; and not, I don’t have any regrets.
4. Are there some professors that you can learn from more easily than others? What are the qualities that make you want to study for a certain professor? Who is your favorite teacher?
R= According to the first question, of course , always going to be a teacher with who is more easily to learn; respect to the second question, well… I think a teacher need to know their subjects very well, and mix it with jokes to don’t make the class boring… about my favorite teacher, in this semester is Mary Osorio, she’s a little odious (well… very, very odious) but, she knows very well the “subject” and makes the class funny with her owns experiences with her family or whatever…
5. How did you decide which college to attend?
R= Because the scholarship brought me here.
6. What are three big differences between your college life so far and your high school days?
• I met more people here than my high school days.
• The system of inscription was different in my high school days.
• The buildings here are more moderns than my old school.
7. Are you more independent from your parents now than you were in high school?
R= Yes, of course.

8. What is the most difficult class you have taken so far?
R= Differential Equations.
9. Are you a member of any student groups? Which ones? What do you do? Are you satisfied with what's happening with your group(s)?
R= No, I’m not a member of any group here.
10. What are the top three changes you would like to see happen at your university?
R= I think that the university don’t have big problems, but, one thing that I would change, maybe, could be the system of inscriptions here, I mean, rotate the days of inscriptions for career every trimester.
11. What are the top three things you hope to get out of (get as a result of) your university days?
-  Well, I hope get a good preparation to get a good job.

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

My 2nd PP Presentation

.....................::::::: Movies :::::::.......................

Is a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement. Film is considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment and a powerful method for educating — or indoctrinating — citizens. The visual elements of cinema give motion pictures a universal power of communication.

The movies are clasified by genres like:
- Animated Movies
- Comedy Movies
- Gore Movies
- Musical Movies
- Sci-Fi Movies and so on.

My favorite movies are the movies about superation of the people, based on real stories, but, I like the comedy, sci-fi, animation and some of horror and gore too.

martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

How Can We Help The Environment?

Here are some things you can do to help the Environment:

• Save energy by turning off the light when you leave your room.
• Save trees, which are used to make paper, by using a lunch pail, rather than a paper bag each day.
• Pick up litter that you see in your neighborhood and recycle whatever can be recycled (aluminum cans, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic things).
• Ride your bike or walk, when you can, rather than ride in a car.
• Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth.
• Use less water in your bath or shower.
• Use both sides of a piece of paper when drawing, coloring or writing.

viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

2nd meeting: Compare Venezuela and Russia


Russia is the largest country in the world, consists of 83 federal subjects. The climate depends on the season, in the winter they have very cold weather with a lot of snow and the temperature is around -20 - -25C° (sometimes it  reaches -30C°) but in the summer temperature is 20-30C°. sometimes summers are very hot, sometimes not, also it could be with a lot of rain or on the contrary dry. According to my partner, the people there is very gloomy and smiles rarely, many foreigners think that in Siberia, bears go along the street, and that they live in old wooden houses with stove, but, that's not true. She like of her country the variety of regions, climates and culture; She don't likes how is the people, the politics and goverment. According to her the most interesting city is St.Petersburg, because is the most beautiful city in Russia and it has a lot places to visit like museums, galleries, churches and so on.

martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

1st Meeting: Getting To Know Each Other

Shakutneva Nastya is my partner, she live in Omsk - Siberia. She is 18 years old, she is studying languages at the state university, also studied in a musical school for 8 years, and graduated 4 years ago. She live with her parents and one little brother, he is 9 years old. She likes play the piano and make photos. She hate the liers and the people who kill animals for fun or for clothes. She don't have a lot of friends because according to her the "Real Friends" are few (I agree). Her biggest love is her rabbit called "Momo":